About MommyIsMental

Let’s be real.

There are some really tough jobs in the world.  Astronaut. World leader. Birthday clown. (Because seriously, who likes clowns and, so, how hard is it to be a clown these days?)

For all the toughest jobs in the world, you get loads of training.  Years.  Decades, even. There’s on-the-job training and personal experience and even post-secondary education options.  And then more training. In other words, you have all the resources in the world to make sure you do a great job at a tough job.

But consider this.

Being a mom is considered by many – MIM included! – as thee toughest job in the world.  Anyone who is a mother knows this is true.

Yet, as mothers – hell, as parents – nothing can really prepare us for birthing and raising children.

Your cycles.  How long it takes to get pregnant.  How much weight you’re gaining.  How much weight you’re not gaining.  How far ahead you’re measuring.  How far behind you’re measuring.  If your maternity clothes fit you all the way through your pregnancy.  Can you make it to 28 weeks.  Can you make it to 37 weeks.  If you’re in labor. Why you’re not in labor.  Breech baby.  Sick baby. Vaginal birth.  C-section. Water birth.  Home birth.  Hospital birth. Midwife. OBGYN.  Your mom.  Your partner.  Yourself.  Preemie.  10-pounder. Long, exhausting labor.  45-minute labor.  Episiotomy.  Epidural. No epidural.  Birth plan.  No birth plan.  Breastfeeding. Bottle feeding. Formula feeding. Big baby. Small baby. Multiple babies. Still babies. Stretch marks. Widened hips. Ginormous breasts. Postpartum depression. Euphoria. Skin to skin. Whisked away.

And that’s just until the baby comes out.

The highs and lows of motherhood can really mess with your head – with your identity and your confidence in yourself as a mother, as a woman, a partner, a human.  But nobody seems to be talking about the mental health side of being a mother.

That’s where MIM comes in.

MommyIsMental.com is a mental health blog for moms.  From the science and serious to the funny and heart-warming, MIM covers it all so that mothers can finally begin to feel comfortable talking about their mental health without feeling alone, embarrassed, worried or like you’re the only one who feels like you do (spoiler alert: you’re not).

We’re super happy you’re here.  Have a look around, take a load off and enjoy yourself.

And no matter what’s going on inside that beautiful mom head of yours, please know – you’re not alone.